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Technology Planning/Assessments

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Because companies have become more dependent on their business technology than ever before, it is imperative that they have a reliable, secure and streamlined network in order to maintain business productivity. More and more mission critical applications reside on business networks besides email; such as finance, stock inventory, order tracking and fulfillment, sales administration, payroll and even voice communications.

Intelligent Solutions has over 20 years of experience planning and implementing reliable, robust networks using industry standard best practices. What sets Intelligent Solutions apart is that we begin by meeting with key members of your company and take the time to learn your business and your applications before even assessing your current network.  Once we have a clear understanding of your business needs, we then do a network assessment.  It is after this assessment that we meet with you to determine the next steps.

With the goal of helping you align your business’s mission with your technology implementation, we provide a comprehensive Technology Plan and Assessment with a long-term objective of saving money, improving quality and enhancing performance.

Our Comprehensive Technology Plan and Assessment:

  Provides complete system documentation
  Identifies critical needs and potential risks
  Recommends strategies to improve efficiencies
  Contains phased Equipment Upgrade/Replacement Plan
  Includes Disaster/Recovery Plan to minimize technology-related crises
  Identifies ways to increase network security and stability

Intelligent Solutions’ customized Technology Plan and Assessment provides you with customized strategies and a long-term plan to allow you to choose the solution that will work best for your company and your budget.

For more information about any of our service offerings, please contact us online, or call 855.309.7500.

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