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Network Engineering by Intelligent Solutions
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Network Engineering

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Building a network is a lot like building a house. Before laying the foundation, you first have to plan the placement of every wall, door, window and outlet. The same holds true for a network. Before creating a network, you first need to determine the placement of every switch, router, firewall and wall jack, before you can begin building.

Whether your business needs a new network, network optimization, or reconfiguration or extension of an existing network, Intelligent Solutions’ network engineers meticulously design LAN and WAN deployments to meet your business’s exact needs. We specialize in networks of varying sizes ranging from single-site deployments to large-scale campus networks, and can also provide multi-site connectivity over the WAN utilizing a variety of technologies including VPN, MPLS and Metro Ethernet.

Intelligent Solutions’ strong focus on security provides your users with the access they need, while preserving the highest level of data availability, confidentiality and integrity. By utilizing protocols and technologies like 801.x, IPSec and PKI, we can ensure that your sensitive data remains secure, no matter how you choose to communicate.

With Intelligent Solutions as your technology partner, you can rest assured that you will receive the latest in technology offerings using best practices standards, with a team that is mindful of your bottom line. For more information about our Network Engineering, IT Consulting, any of our other comprehensive IT solutions, please contact us at 855.309.7500.


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