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IT Infrastructure Upgrade by Intelligent Solutions
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IT Infrastructure Upgrade


In today’s competitive environment, you need to be able to respond quickly to your customers’ needs and to future growth opportunities. Having a streamlined and scalable IT Infrastructure can help you reach these objectives. These days, the options for server consolidation and converting your traditional infrastructure to a virtual environment are more abundant than ever, and the cost-savings that can be achieved are substantial.

What is a Virtual Environment?

In traditional environments, the thinking is ‘one server, one application’. In fact, most businesses only are only able to use about 10-30% of their physical server capacity in a traditional environment.

By utilizing virtual machines, you can better manage your resources by consolidating your physical servers. Virtual machines are made up entirely as software, behaving as containers running their own operating systems, CPU, RAM, etc. Because of this, multiple physical servers can be migrated into multiple virtual machines that can then operate on a single physical server, thus increasing utilization of physical resources. In addition, virtualization enables for simplification of backup and disaster recovery setup as virtual machines can be easily replicated, backed up and moved from one machine to another. And due to its flexibility, this environment allows you to easily scale up or scale down due to usage needs, depending on demand.

Customized Solutions for Your Business

At Intelligent Solutions, we first conduct an assessment of your environment to determine your network management needs and analyze areas that can be made more efficient, based on your business model. Whether your business is best suited to take advantage of an in-house data center, a hybrid of virtual and physical servers, or to take advantage of cloud-related services, Intelligent Solutions will provide you with customized strategies using industry standard best practices, allowing you to choose which solution will work best for your company and your budget. 

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