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Healthcare Providers face unique challenges due to government regulations and complex EMR software that must have simple and easy integration. In addition to the need for readily-available, high-definition medical images and patient records, healthcare professionals require the fastest IT footprints, as well as the highest level of security.

At Intelligent Solutions, we understand the unique challenges that Healthcare Providers face in terms of their IT Management. Our extensive experience in Systems Integration and Network Security, combined with our regular training on HIPPA and HITECH Privacy and Security for Business Associates and Covered Entities, allows our technicians to provide the latest recommendations in technology trends while meeting industry regulations. Our team will design solutions that secure ePHI while granting your providers real-time access to your EMR/EHR systems.

Intelligent Solutions has worked with Healthcare Practices for over 20 years. Our highly certified technicians are specifically trained to protect confidential patient data, while providing staff readily-available access to the fastest and most technologically advanced network. Intelligent Solutions works closely with EMR software providers, as well as billing and collection agencies, to ensure our practices are fully integrated with the highest levels of data security.

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