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IT Consulting Services by Intelligent Solutions
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IT Consulting Services

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As technology continues to evolve faster than ever, more and more businesses struggle to keep their infrastructure both easy to maintain, yet up-to-date with the latest technology, in order to keep the network at its peak performance.

At Intelligent Solutions, we first conduct a network assessment to identify areas that can be streamlined to improve efficiency and using best practices methodology, we then provide a plan that is customized to your business’s needs.

Intelligent Solutions is staffed with IT Professionals from a variety of vertical markets including manufacturing, healthcare, legal, banking, financial, telecommunications and trading. Our standards-based approach ensures that we will help you find the exact IT formula to help your organization thrive, while conforming to your business’s standard practices.

Many industries are governed by regulatory bodies that impose strict guidelines as to how data is to be stored and disseminated. Working IT Professionals who are certified and specialized in your vertical market will ensure that your Technology Infrastructure conforms to the standards specific to your industry, such as HIPPA, SOX, FDIC and PCI Compliance.

At Intelligent Solutions, our goal is to provide you with an efficient, streamlined system that is cost-effective and tailored for your business. For more information about our IT Consulting or any of our other services, please call 855.309.7500, or contact us for more information.


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