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Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery  Services by Intelligent Solutions
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Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

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A Business Continuity Plan is a comprehensive plan designed to keep your company running through interruptions such as: power failures, IT system failures or viruses, and natural disasters. It is estimated that most businesses can handle an interruption of up to 3 days before experiencing devastating economic losses or bankruptcy. At Intelligent Solutions, our proactive nature drives us to ensure this scenario does not happen to our
clients’ businesses.

The terms Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are often interchangeable because they work together; however, they are different in their meanings. A Business Continuity Plan defines the procedures that a company puts into place to ensure its mission-critical functions can continue during and after a disaster. This can include how employees will communicate, where they are expected to go in the case of a disaster and will define how they will continue doing their jobs. A Disaster Recovery Plan is the process by which you get back up and running after a catastrophic event. As each business model is different, your plan will vary from other businesses in terms of which systems need to be brought back online first. And at Intelligent Solutions, we will work with you to design your plan, determine your most critical needs and plan recovery rehearsals, in which a disaster is simulated to test the effectiveness of the plan.

By identifying key services and line of business applications, Intelligent Solutions will provide an in-depth risk assessment to identify potential hazards and risks. From there, we will consult with you to assess the risk tolerances, provide vulnerability testing and ultimately use the information to determine a Hot, Warm or Cold disaster recovery site, depending on your business’ needs.

In our society, it is natural for most people to think that an interruption won’t happen to them, or if it does, it will be something minor, such as a short power failure. In the Northeast blackout of 2003, New York City (and most of Northeast America) was brought to a standstill for a day and a half, causing mass confusion, and surprising economic losses of over $6 billion. This is just one example of an unforeseen event wreaking havoc on businesses. At Intelligent Solutions, we want our clients to be prepared to continue operations, no matter what happens.

For more information about our proactive IT services, or to conduct a Free Network Assessment, please contact us, or call 855.309.7500.

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