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Custom Application Development by Intelligent Solutions
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Application Development

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Customized business applications can easily take a once daunting, cumbersome task, and streamline the process to achieve results in minutes. For over 20 years, Intelligent Solutions has been creating customized software applications and databases to help our clients access the information that they need, quickly. Our drive to provide exceptional customer service allows us to identify areas that we can provide more efficient, smarter solutions.

Customized Business Applications

We first begin by consulting with you to identify the current process in order to conclude how it could be streamlined. We then analyze the requirements to see if there is already a solution in existence. Should an “off-the-shelf” product exist, we will determine the ease of customizing that product.  If a product is not already in existence, we then create one from scratch that will be unique to your specific needs. Either way, your final product is an easy-to-use, robust application designed specifically for your business process.

At Intelligent Solutions, our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and smart technology strategies that help your business. Our appreciation for smarter solutions led us to develop CAPERS®, an integrated public-safety software program designed originally for police departments because we saw the need to create a streamlined, cost-effective solution designed exclusively for the public safety sector.

Intelligent Solutions is committed to providing all of our clients with exceptional service, customized IT services and business application solutions that meet their needs, are cost-effective and ultimately serve their bottom lines. To find out more about our customized software solutions, please contact us or call 855.309.7500.

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