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Cloud Computing: To Host or Not To Host

Added: Friday July 26th 2013 at 11:33:34 AM

As centralized computing is moving back into the spotlight, business and organizations of all sizes are finding themselves faced with a dilemma that had been all but solved 15 years ago. In the 1990’s, we saw a shift from dumb terminals on desks to fully functional PCs that had over 2000 times more memory than that the Apollo 11 Guidance Computer.

In contrast, users today want to work on just about any device from just about anywhere. While my iPad has 128 times more memory than that mid 90’s computer did, it’s still light on performance for most of what I do. Not to mention that I can’t put everything on my iPad, nor do I always want to work from a 9” touch screen.

Today, businesses of all sizes are realizing a shift back to centralized computing - giving us the on just about any device part. I can access my files, applications, etc. from one place, on any device. In a cloud environment, my files and applications are always available, from any Internet-connected devices - giving us the from just about anywhere part.

Cloud computing is here to stay. By its very nature, cloud computing is built for enterprises with a low cost-per-user, but it is available to anyone. Translation: Small and Medium business can get enterprise-grade services and prices that fit within the SMB budget.


Sebastian Abbinanti, CCNA, C|EH

Chief Technology Officer



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Cloud Computing: To Host or Not To Host

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