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Latest Malware Targets Google Doc/Google Drive Users

Added: Thursday March 20th 2014 at 11:27:21 AM

As hackers get savvier, users need to be more vigilant. The latest attack is aimed at Google Docs and Google Drive users.

An email containing the subject line: Documents - contains a request to view an important document on Google Docs and includes a link for viewing.

Clicking on the link takes the recipient to a Google page that is housed on Googles server, making it appear legitimate. It also contains a very convincing fake login page, prompting the user to enter their information.

Symantec security expert, Nick Johnston explains in a recent blog post, "The fake page is actually hosted on Googles servers and is served over SSL, making the page even more convincing."


Google Phishing Example


"The scammers have simply created a folder inside a Google Drive account, marked it public, uploaded a file there, and then used Google Drives preview feature to get a publicly accessible URL to include in their message," Johnstons blog post continued. "This page then redirects to a real Google Docs document, making the whole attack very convincing."

How to Protect Yourself

  1. Be leery of clicking on links in email messages. Especially if you do not know the recipient, or if the link leads to a form requesting personal information.
  2. Consider using Googles 2-Step Verification. Google accounts are targeted specifically by phishers because so many accounts can be accessed through one user name/password combination. Googles 2-Step Verification can help maintain your security, even if someone obtains your password, they’ll need your phone in order access your account. 

How Googles 2-Step Verification Works

Googles 2-Step Verification adds another layer of security in order to access your account. Simply explained, 2-Step Verification requires more than just your password (something you know). It requires “something you have”, such as your phone.

Once you set up Googles 2-Step Verification, you will enter your password, and then a code will be sent to your phone. You will then need to enter this code in order to access your Google account. This way, even if someone discovers your password, they will need your unique code before they gain account access.

For more information on setting up Googles 2-Step Verification, visit:


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Latest Malware Targets Google Doc/Google Drive Users

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