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What are Managed Services and Why Should I Care?

Added: Friday September 13th 2013 at 02:32:49 PM

Picture this. You walk into the office and everyone is staring at their computers, unable to access the network. This is frustrating by itself, but then comes the notion that the client database cannot be accessed, nor the network, nor any of your core business functions. Without your company’s internal network, business operations are seriously hindered.

Now the realization that finding an IT company, paying for emergency service and then for whatever fixes that need to be made sets in. But it doesn’t matter, your business cannot operate like this, so you scramble and you pay.

Despite what you may feel at the time, the majority of IT companies do not actually relish in your pain. They’d rather manage your network in a timely, calm manner at a much less cost to you. This is why Managed Services was created. Simply said, Managed Services turns over the management of your technology to an outside provider. For a specified monthly cost, you receive regular network maintenance, service hours and peace of mind, all at a budgeted price that you can rely on.

To break it down further, here are some of the benefits that Managed Services can provide:

Control IT Costs/Ability to Budget
If the first paragraph made you want to seek certainty, this may help ease your mind. According to a 2012 Market Study by CompTIA, 46% of organizations using managed services have cut their annual IT expenses by 25% or more. And of those, 13% cut costs by 50% or more.

Proactive Maintenance
Pro. Active. That means all of those annoying patches or updates that need to be made to your network or computers regularly? Done. And if you already have IT personnel on staff, they don’t need to constantly monitor and manage these either, which takes up valuable time that they could be working on more pressing items that affect your core business. (This also leads to improved Network Security.)

Improved Network Security
IT Companies want to keep your network as safe as possible. Management of patches and updates helps ensure your network is as secure as possible. Allowing patches to fall behind can not only leave you vulnerable to security breaches, but if your system is too far behind, a vendor may not support you if an incident occurs. Having a team that stays on top of this (and manages your communication with a vendor) relieves you or your team from having to deal with this.

In an industry that is constantly changing, there really isn’t one person who can be a jack of all trades in IT. This does not mean that one person is not capable of solving your issue, it simply means that it can take someone a much longer time to fix an issue if they are not up-to-date in that particular area of expertise. An outsourced company has a team of individuals, each with different areas of specialties. In addition, a good IT provider recognizes the importance of continual improvement of skills in those areas of expertise and invests in their staff to ensure that their certifications are up-to-date in the services that they offer. (See our blog post on What are IT Certifications and Why are they Important?) Expertise leads to time-savings, which leads to optimum up-time.

Reduced Down-time and Risk
And with that, we’ve come full circle. By outsourcing your IT, you will experience reduced downtime and risk, which equates to more money allocated to your actual business, rather than working on your network tasks.

Looking for More Information?
If you’re interested in learning more about Managed Services, or in getting a Free, No-Obligation Network Assessment for your business, contact Intelligent Solutions today.


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